Everyone can be a great chef.

I love cooking and baking and I firmly believe that everyone can make, beautiful delicious food if they have a few goes. It might not work out the first time but everyone has had failures in the kitchen. Even world-renowned chefs will have made dishes in the past that were inedible. With a little practice and a willingness to learn, anyone can cook!

Me and a cake.

One of my aims with That Cooking Thing was to really try and show the joy I have in the kitchen and try to enthuse anyone reading my recipes with the excitement I feel when cooking. I was lucky enough to be selected for a TV cookery competition – Crazy Delicious – which I took full advantage of to try and display my love of cooking and what was even more shocking was that I managed to win my episode! If you watch the show, you will see that everyone there makes mistakes because we are human but there are very few mistakes that can’t be covered up in the kitchen.

My aim was to run this alongside the academic year providing relatively simple recipes that can be baked in a student kitchen with basic equipment. This is aimed at first time livers out who have either little or no cooking experience but obviously, seasoned veterans of the kitchen are most welcome too! If you are interested in building up your skills in the kitchen, I would recommend starting with the cookingfrombasics section and scrolling back to the first few recipes as the ones being published now are a little bit more advanced.

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I also play music when I am neither working or cooking.

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I hope you enjoy the blog and keep cooking!